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Stainless Steel
The stainless steels are the group of steels developed to resist corrosion in a wide range of hostile environments in which non-stainless steels suffer unacceptable damage. They can be used to advantage not only with liquid corrosive media, but also where resistance to oxidation and corrosion by reactive gases at high temperatures is required.

Stainless steels possess useful strength and creep properties at elevated temperatures. These properties combined with their oxidation and corrosion resistance make stainless steels a versatile and important group in both low and high temperature applications. However at very high temperatures the strength of stainless steels falls off rapidly, leading to the use of super alloys. Stainless steel grades are capable of providing widely varying corrosion resistance, strength, and workability.

The need to meet varying performance requirements in corrosive environments has resulted in the evolution of groups of steels having basically different metallurgical structures. These groups of steels are known as:

  • Austenitic (Non Hardenable)
  • Martensitic (Hardenable)
  • Ferritic (Non Hardenable)
  • Precipitation hardening (Hardenable)

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Stainless Steel