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Cast Iron

Cast iron bars stocked by Global Metals are manufactured by the continuous and centrifugally cast processes. These methods produce bars with many advantages over sand castings; including superior machinability, uniform density and hardness, elimination of rejects, higher cutting speeds and lower tool costs.

Grey iron is a harder, stronger cast iron for more demanding applications where tensile strength and high wear resistance are required. Uses include hydraulic arms, control valves, rotors, guides and liners.

Ductile iron has higher strength then “Grey Iron”, is ductile rather than brittle, and is tough and readily machined. It has high elasticity and resistance to impact and is suitable for applications involving thermal and mechanical shock. It can also be welded but can not be readily flame or induction hardened. Uses include pump bodies, glass moulds, gears and sprockets, impellors and rotors.

Cast Iron