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Black Carbon Steel

With carbon manganese and silicon as their only significant alloys, black carbon steels are the simplest steels of the engineering steel group. Within their capabilities they play a very important role, and indeed, they make up a large part of industries’ use of steel.

Much of the carbon steel consumed by the industry has a low carbon content and is used in the “as rolled” condition. The term “mild steel” (which has been defined as carbon steel containing up to 0.25% carbon) is sometimes used to describe these low carbon steels. (1020)

Modest but useful increases in strength of the “as rolled” carbon steel occur with increases in Carbon content. (1045)

Because of the limited hardenability of carbon steels they can be heat treated to high tensile strength levels only in relatively small sizes. Thus in large sizes the increases in strength level that are practical by heat treatment are rather limited.

Black Carbon Steel